Thinking about jumping into the restaurant business? Or maybe you’ve been in the industry for years, but just need a little freshening up.

No matter where you are in your restaurant lifecycle, every restaurateur should keep these four critical factors in mind when running his or her business…

Healthy Options for Children

One of the newest trends in the restaurant industry targets our littlest customers. The traditional children’s menu is out, and a healthy, more nutritional menu is in.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to offer these new options. In fact, there are many ways to improve the nutritional value of restaurant meals that are both easy and affordable. For example, just rework your menu placement and train your staff to highlight healthy options when speaking with guests.

The Small Things Matter

After a long, hard day of crying babies, loud parents, and arguing couples, it can be easy for staff to disregard some of the smaller, less critical rules of the restaurant, like regularly changing soup pans.

But while those may seem like minor mistakes, they can absolutely add up.

Remember that the smallest slip up, like forgetting to pull your hair back when in the kitchen, could lead to a health infraction.

Try to keep your staff focused on the little things now, so they don’t become an even larger problem later.

Know The Law

Rules and regulations within the restaurant industry change at a rapid pace, so restaurateurs need to know and understand the current laws at all times.

For example, in March, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance announced a new maximum wage subsidy rate for active employees.

Compliance with these ever-changing regulations is key, and all members of the team – from managers, to chefs, to hostesses – need to be aware of them.

Go Digital

Before deciding on a restaurant, the first thing customers typically do is search online. Viewing the online menu, checking the hours posted on Facebook, and reading reviews on Yelp are all basic first steps in the quest for finding a restaurant these days.

As a restauranteur, it’s critical that your website is updated, user-friendly, and informational. That first customer touchpoint has to be positive, engaging, and helpful in order to drive traffic to your establishment.

Your social media feeds should also have visually-appealing photos of both the food and the atmosphere. And don’t forget about responding to comments – both positive and negative. The manner in which a company responds to social media feedback is crucial in this new digital world we live in.

Bon appétit!